We have recently changed our name from Kyler Films to One Creative

We will take your website to the next level

We create fully custom websites depending on your needs and goals with lightning fast performance and high grade web security.

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Need a super fast custom website with full support?

We offer all of our web clients the full range of services to compliment your website needs from web hosting, to web development and web support.

Super fast websites

Our website architecture has best in class loading speeds, instantly loading your site, which improves your SEO.

Latest Technologies

We build websites with the latest technologies giving you full flexibility and performance.

Web support

We offer full website hosting and support so you never have to worry.

Website as a service (WaaS)

We offer our clients a new concept called Website as a service (WaaS). This is born from the Software as a service (SaaS) model, where instead of just hiring us to build your website as a one of large purchase, you spread the cost over 12 months instead of paying up front.

Even better, also receive website hosting, security, SEO services and website support within the costs so you can rest assure that your website is in good hands! 

Headless CMS Architecture

Next-gen headless CMS

With traditional CMS’s like WordPress, the front-end (the website) and back-end (where all the data files and content are located) are together in one system, which does not allow for much flexibility. 

Headless refers to splitting the front-end and back-end of your website into separate systems and connecting them together using an API.

Headless CMS’s allows for full flexibility and offer many other benefits such as;

  • Super fast loading speeds
  • Omni-channel content distribution
  • Seamless integrations
  • Conversion optimization
  • Better user experience
  • Reducing hosting & maintenance costs

We offer the following;


UI/UX design, designing web architecture and mapping of the customer journey.

Web design, visual design, branding and prototyping.

Web hosting

We offer full web hosting services, including domain hosting, security, back ups and more. 

Web development

We build websites with the latest technologies giving you full flexibility and performance. We also offer to build in drag and drop tools so you can manage the website yourself after.

HTML, CSS, JS, React


Web support

We offer full web support on a monthly basis so you never have to worry.

Technologies used

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